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Tintoretto: Jesus in the house of the Pharisees

The Faroese religious party had been born  During the reign of the Hasmonids. The Pharisees, or Pharisees  feared the sympathetic attitude of this ruling family to Hellenistic culture. This Jewish "revival movement"  indeed, the Hebrew name refers to the "separatist," the separatist.  Only they thought they were real Jews.  Among them  belonged to many ordinary citizens, unlike the Sadducees.  They believed  body  resurrection and the sanctity of life, as a difference  to the views of the priests.

Only in 70 AD. of them  a powerful Jewish community developed, with synagogues as its main places of work. By this time the Sadducees had already lost their power.

Their liberals  their interpretation of the written law , the Torah, gave birth to new laws, which first became a word-of-mouth collection and later a written version of the Talmud.


The most famous Pharisee flies from the apostle Paul before his conversion to Christianity. He, too, went on his mission to first preach in the synagogue.

Pictured: The Apostle Paul arrived in Veria after the battles of Thessalonica in Silas  and Timothy. The synagogue where they spoke is still in the old Jewish quarter of Veria by a small river.


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