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Sanskrit text from Atharva-Veda Image Wicimedia Commons Free Domain

Sanskrit (Indo-European)  the word veda means information.
Veda book collection
  Samhita:     collection  about 1200-800 BC:
          Rigveda is the oldest. It has 1028 hymns and prayers praising different gods.
          Yajurveda contains instructions for sacrificial ceremonies
          In Samaveda, parts of Rigveda have been edited into songs 
          Atharvaveda has hymns and spells
Brahmanat:  prose texts that interpret the mystique of the rituals presented by the various parts of the samhita                 content.
Arankyat:     Interpretation of rituals
Upanisadit:  "End of Draws" Mystical reflections on life and the search for the universe                   sustaining power, brahmania.   Central to the texts is to show that the atman, let it be           about  human, animal,  of the atman of an object or plant is equal to Brahman, that is                 the soul of the universe   .
             The battle between the Oats and the Pandavas  (Image: Wikipedia Commons free Domain)
Both epics aim to entertain the people like a great adventure story, but they do not remain mere entertainment but have a popular pattern of ideal behavior, the wisdom that the Vedic books have taught in a more philosophical form.
Mahabharata:       The central plot of the work is of two genera, the Pandavas and the Oatmeal                        the battle of Kurukshetra between. The epic strongly emphasizes the dharma,                         code of conduct, fairness,  morality. The work                                predominant  and the most famous part is the Bhagavadgita. Here is  Krishna-                              the moral teaching of God to the warlord of the Pandavas  Arjuna  before                              battle  the beginning. The battle is won  Pandavas .The work is of Hinduism  predominant                     teaching what ideals a person should live by.
Ramayana:         The work reflects the moral ideals presented by Mahabharata:                               loyalty  and respectful behavior. It no longer fights tribes                       with each other but different ethnic groups .The purpose of the work is to evoke in these                    a sense of unity regardless of language and caste.
The Purana texts were compiled around 320-550 AD. They are ancient stories  as its name implies. They deal with the following topics in a popular way, for example  : the creation of the world, the gods and the sages of ancient times   family history.  Puranas are considered in Hindu mythology, cosmology and  as the main sources of the cult.                                                                             


​  Asko Parpola (editor):  Indian culture. Otava Oy, 2005. ISBN 951-1836 56 .

The Vedic books were born within the Vedic religion and remained a long-standing oral tradition, later being written in Sanskrit, which was brought in by the invading Aryans.

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