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The word church can mean a community of Christians that the early Christians felt was a special community that belonged to the Lord (Greek for kyriake). From this Greek word is derived the multilingual word church. It means a community of all Christians in the world.

Church can also mean a denomination, such as a Lutheran church or a church building.

              CHURCHES HAVE HISTORY         

Church history  consists of two disciplines: theology and history. It examines the transmission of the Christian tradition to new generations. It explores the thinking, learning, and action of churches, various religious communities, and individual Christians from the birth of Christianity to the present day and makes predictions  and estimates of the future of the churches.

Without knowledge of church history, we cannot understand Western culture and history because the church has always been a major component of them. So the question is  also about knowing our own roots.

Church history, like historical science, relies on literary, oral, and material relics (sources) when looking for answers to the things it studies.

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