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30,030 million gods or just one?

There are many gods in Hinduism, but surely no one worships them all at once and the number of gods does not matter to Hindu. There are people who worship all the trimurt (the trio of gods)  - pictured the first three gods and below their spouses)   the three gods and their spouses.

Others may  choose their God  according to the popular gods of their own area of residence.


However, many consider themselves monotheistic  and comprise numerous  gods of a single god different  forms of expression.  

Some have pantheism-like notions of God: God is omnipresent.

In the wheel of Samsara, man can also become a god. Sadhus, holy men are also considered and treated as gods. The spirits of the gods can go into a person’s body and conquer him. Gods can sometimes behave like humans. The accounts of the mischievous Krishna, for example, who steals the clothes of bathing girls, do not meet our expectations of divine behavior.

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Shiva can be represented in its own form of fertility giver as a phallus, symbolized by shivalingam. The lower part is Yoni, which means the vagina.

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