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The diagram shows where  of the denominations, each Protestant church originates. Each church has its own history of birth and special characteristics. As their name implies, they protest.  and the object of the protest was the status of the pope and the concept of salvation of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to the new vision of salvation, everyone is personally responsible for their actions to God. The certainty of salvation became the desired personal experience.  Everyone came  actually know how to read the Bible. This led in many countries to the translation of the Bible into the people's own language and the teaching of literacy. Similarly, worship services became vernacular, giving the sermon a greater meaning than before.

In many countries, especially in northern Europe  national state church systems were formed.

The monasteries were abolished and the priests were allowed to marry.

The participation of lay people in the responsible duties of the parish was supported. Many secular movements, such as the revival movements of the Church of Finland, were born inside the church.

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