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The biography of Confucius is only recorded about 400 years after his death. The recording was done by his students or even their students.

Confucius, or Master Kung, was born in what is now China  During the Zhou Dynasty (c. 1027-256 BC), the Lun Provincial State, In the city of Qufun .

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His father  was an officer, but died while his son was a child.  As a child, Confucius studied six skills in the custom of time: ceremonies, music, racing carriages, archery, writing, and arithmetic. He was particularly interested in ceremonies and music. His intention was to become a Lu State official.

He married at the age of 19 and was given relatively few administrative positions. During this time he devoted himself to the customs of the past, which he greatly admired,   to study, and began to teach good behavior, poetry, and history. He became a popular teacher, gathering a large crowd around him. He thought everyone, regardless of origin, should be taught.

Apricot Pavilion, where Confucius taught.  The pavilion is located in Qufu in the Kongi Manor area.

He became Lu Minister of Justice, but soon fell into disrepute with the ruler and wanted to leave his home state. This was the beginning of his and his students ’13-year trek in almost every state in present-day North China.


It was not until after his death that he got his job  and appreciation for their thoughts

His purpose was to find  worthy of a ruler who would have listened to his advice.

Confucius considered its own time morally degenerate and wanted to restore the high morals and values of the past. Confucius' policy was to get small  principalities to unite. The rulers did not listen to him and he did not get a post for himself from any state.  When he was 69, he was called back to his home region, where he gave up his political activities and devoted himself only to his teaching and studying old texts.

The tomb of Confucius in his hometown of Qufu

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