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Since the early days of Judaism, it has included waiting for the Messiah. The corresponding Hebrew word meant anointed. Originally with this word  meant the reigning king.


Moses in the Thirteen Articles of Faith (Minimum Standards of Jewish Faith)  faith in the coming of the Messiah is twelve.

Messianic Messiah Installations:

2 Samuel 7: 11-16 predicts that the Messiah will appear from the tribe of David. Isaiah 11: 1-10 tells of the Messiah whom God sends and whom  the mission is to deliver the people of Israel from the suffering and oppression they are experiencing  and bring peace and  good will to the world. He brings the dominion of God, or the kingdom of heaven, into the world.


When will the Messiah come?

The Messiah is perceived to arrive when national suffering is at its peak. As such stages in history, the expectation of the Messiah has always been strongly emphasized, and various "Messianic candidates" have emerged. No one in the opinion of the Jews has yet been right, for no one has brought peace to the whole world. According to the second interpretation, the Messiah comes when people execute the law perfectly. Indeed, Jews often say, "Look around you. Is there peace in the world? Do people live according to God's commandments."

In the 18th century, liberal ideas began to affect European Jews. This led to the rise of modern Judaism. In these circles  the idea of a personal Messiah was rejected and the idea of the Messiah began to be interpreted as a messianic time, a time of peace, happiness, and  success. Such an idea of a new messianic era also satisfied all those who had experienced the horrors of the Holocaust.  The multi-stage history of the Jews has been oppression and suffering under many different rulers and kingdoms. These conditions also began  the image of the glorious King Messiah becoming suffering  and a humble servant of the Lord.



The Messianic Jews no longer wait for the Messiah to arrive, but have embraced the idea that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah born of the lineage of David, as prophesied by the Old Testament prophets.

Messianic Jews  is in the world  about 250,000. They have preserved their Jewish identity: the circumcision, wedding and burial of the boys.

In Israel, where a lot of "mixed families" have arrived in recent decades - one of the parents is a Jew, the other a Christian, messianic Judaism has been felt  appropriate solution.

Jerusalem Pictured from the Mount of Olives. In the middle of the wall is the EAST GATE, which is closed. According to some Bible interpretations, the Messiah of Israel arrives from this gate.

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