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Why so complicated?


This, too, has its own explanation. Complexity is related to events in history. Once the papal election lasted 17 years. When the choice was still not agreed  voters, the cardinals were locked up behind bars. The speed of the election was further enhanced by feeding  only water and bread.

The church did not want to wait another 17 years for the second time and therefore it was decided to make the closed conclave (papal election) a practice. Today, the cardinals are isolated in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.  Pope John Paul II made the latest additions to the details of the election: the cardinals are not allowed to use cell phones during the election. The constituency must also be checked for the presence of eavesdropping devices or video recorders.

After the Pope died for him  his personal chambermaid  taps the pope three times with a silver hammer on the head and recites the name given to the pope at baptism. If the pope does not answer, he will only be officially found dead. The chambermaid then takes the "fisherman's ring" from his finger and breaks it and the papal seal. The pope's apartment is sealed

Eighteen days after the pope's death, the conclave meets. All cardinals under the age of 80 are eligible. The practice has been for one of them to be elected. The cardinals vote twice a day as long as one has received more than 2/3 of the votes.



If no one gets the required majority, the tickets will be burned  with wet straw in the fireplace, giving  People in St. Peter's Square can see dark smoke coming from the barrel.

Voting rounds continue until someone has reached the set  qualified majority. Ballot papers are burned in the fireplace again, but now the straw is dry and the smoke is white. Now the people and, above all, often have been in ambush for a long time  the news-hungry media learns of the successful election of a new pope. Shortly thereafter, the new pope will present himself on the balcony in papal attire. Then it is traditionally said to the people: "Habemus papam" means, "We have a pope." The current pope took the name Franciscus

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