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According to the Catholic view, the church is the place where Christ himself gathers his church and works there  through the word and the sacraments. That is why the space is sacred.



The main altar, in front of which the Eucharist is celebrated every day. There is an altar cross on the left  On the right side is an Easter candle.

Next to the church entrance door is a wedding vessel into which the Catholic dampens his fingers and makes a cross sign.

The wedding water reminds him of his own baptism and the sign of the cross is a creed. Catholics make a cross mark by first touching their foreheads the chest from which the fingers are taken from the left shoulder to the right.

The whole church hall is surrounded by a story of the Way of the Cross  heel photo series. The series has a total of 15 parts, "stations". At church, the visitor can be silent at each station to recall the different stages of Jesus ’suffering. The last part of the series is outside on the staircase .: The Ascended Lord has appeared to His disciples

In large Catholic churches, there may be numerous hanging chairs on the walls of the church hall.

The churches have side chapels. Over here  in the side chapel is placed an altar cabinet, or tabernacle, in the vicinity of which "eternal light" is always lit.  The stained glass windows depict four of the seven sacraments of the Church: baptism, confirmation, communion

During the fair, people kneel on the kneeling pads in front of the benches.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the most popular saint of the Catholic Church. The flag of the European Union lent the colors and stars of his cloak to his own flag. The image below shows Mary's role as a helper and answer to prayers. The foyers of Catholic churches and monasteries often have tiles and sometimes valuables brought by people in praise.

PHOTOS: Kirsti Suonsyrjä

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