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This is the Vatican, the world’s smallest state, 440,000 square meters, on the Vaticanus Hill in the middle of Rome, next to which flows the Tiber. Although the Vatican City is small, its voice is heard from afar.  Its sound is listened to all over the world when  the voice is the leader of this state and the leader of the entire worldwide Catholic Church, the Pope. The Pope lives in this walled area of St. Peter's Basilica  next to the Apostolic Palace.

The most notable building in this area is St. Peter's Basilica. According to tradition, Jesus' disciple Peter was crucified on the race track of Emperor Nero in the early stages of Christian persecution. The shape of the square in front of St. Peter's Church still resembles a racetrack.  The tomb of St. Petersburg is also believed to have been found in archaeological excavations below the church.  According to the Catholic view, all popes have gained power  through the apostle Peter, to whom Christ gave "the power of the keys." Perhaps that is why the Catholic Church is run from this place.

In addition to St. Peter's Church, there are other notable buildings in the area: the Museum of Art History, which houses some of the most valuable works of art in the world, the Apostolic Palace,  Egyptian Museum, Etruscan Museum, Geographic Maps  Gallery, Raphael's Stanzat and Loggias, Sistine Chapel, Apostolic Library, and countless others.


If you are sending postcards from the Vatican, you will also need to buy this small state’s own stamps.

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